CFR Board-Ski Direct Tunnel Mount

$224.99 CAD
$249.99 CAD
  • Black

The CFR Board-Ski Direct Tunnel Mount can carry one snowboard or one pair of skis and poles on the side of the DD, iRack or Mountain Rack. It's the go-to bracket for people who both ski and snowboard or have friends that ski and snowboard. Nothing has been compromised in the design securing both skis or snowboards.‚ 


  • Carries one pair of skis/poles or one snowboard.

  • Lightweight Nylon parts are infused with resin that makes them extremely strong and can handle -100 degree cold temps.

  • Custom made Injected molded straps that won't break in the cold but will break in severe rollovers to prevent damage.

  • Ratchets and Ladders are custom-made for superior ratcheting capabilities.

  • All mounting Hardware included is made from extremely strong and rust free high-grade stainless steel.

  • Another Dual Ski bracket kit, Boardski bracket kit, Pow surf bracket kit or snowboard bracket kit can be used on the‚ other side of the‚ rack.

  • Specifically designed to be fastened to CFR DD, iRack or Mountain Rack. (Sold separately)

  • Proudly made in Canada.